About Us


Planstery is a program product providing interior navigation with the help of mobile devices. You can easily integrate it in your own plan system and start to take advantage of it immediately. We can help you to achieve the best results with minimum efforts. It can be used in different spheres of your everyday life.

Problems we solve

Planstery allows you to:

  • Visualize interior space of property on-line.
  • Realize interior navigation at the facility.
  • Organize workflow (exhibitions, shows).


Citronium was based in 2007 by the group of IT professionals with great experience in software development. During this time we made a great job in creating, developing and realizing innovative projects in our everyday life. We are interested in creating fundamentally new intellectual technologies. Our company achieved stable results and gained a good reputation. We've got a lot of partners all over the world. They appreciate our stability and reliability. If you want to learn more information about us you can visit our site Citronium.com . Recently we've consolidated our efforts to create a product for interior navigation. And now we are ready to represent you Planstery.

Support Team
Email: support@planstery.com